Horning in on a White Rhino Story

Profile of white Rhino ceratotherium simum on flat plain

I volunteered to do this longform explainer graphic on white rhinos after overhearing staff at the Nashville Tennessean talk about the pending arrival of a new white rhinoceros at the Nashville Zoo.

I asked Duane Gang, a Tennessean content editor and great guy, if they had a graphic planned for their rhino story. He said no. I said, “Would you like one?”

I try to play heads-up ball at work, even when I’m not at USA Today. On this particular day I was at the Tennessean, working remotely for USAT. Linda and I were in Nashville to look after her parents’ house.

I ended up researching the various rhino species and writing this explainer. I also did the graphics in the longform and an additional graphic (below) that ran with the Tennessean story.

A link to the graphic is here.

A link to the Tennessean story is here.


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