Yes, a Story About Dogs Being Killed for Food is Difficult to Write and Will Break Your Heart

South Korea Dog Meat Farm (Farm 10)

This longform graphic, another volunteer effort of mine, seeks to concisely explain the history of dog farms and dog consumption in South Korea, and why it’s on the wane.

It accompanies a March 6, 2019, story by Thomas Maresca, a USA Today correspondent.

This was difficult to research and write about, but I strove to keep personal bias out of the graphic. We’re observing vast cultural differences here and I did not want to be the ignorant American imposing my values on someone else.

For the record: The notion of killing and eating dogs and cats horrifies me. I’m also horrified by American slaughterhouses — the surreptitious Humane Society video of cows being tormented before slaughter brings me to tears — but I still keep eating hamburgers and chicken sandwiches.

So I don’t have a moral high ground here. Accordingly, I kept the dog story as accurate and dispassionate as possible, since this is not an opinion piece.

A link to the graphic is here.

A link to the story is here.

030719-Dogs-SOCIAL_Social 8 copy 2

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